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The quality and usefulness of any building inspection relies completely upon the knowledge and experience of the person who performs the inspection. Experience is most important since many judgements must be based on visible evidence available. Understanding the technology of buildings is also vitally important to interpret the significance of observed conditions. Thus, how well qualified the inspector is becomes the critical factor in choosing a building inspection services. Mr. Mullan does all the inspections himself. He has been doing inspections full time for over 20 years.


Mr. Mullan is the principal of the firm. He is a licensed structural professional engineer (P.E.) in the state of Connecticut who has performed over 8000 home and building inspections. He has testified in court as an expert witness in cases involving building construction and home inspections.

Are All Inspectors the Same?

No! Some are well qualified. Some are not. You should be aware of some of the designations used and their meanings. While Connecticut and some other states now license home inspectors, there are substantial differences in qualifications and experience among those doing home inspections. In Connecticut, a home inspection license requires a minimum of a high school diploma or GED, the completion of 160 inspections and passing a three hour test. Criterium-Mullan Engineers inspections well exceed these requirements and are performed by a licensed Professional Engineer, with much more stringent qualifications.

A Professional Engineer who is well versed in all aspects of structural and mechanical components of the building can recognize clues that signal unseen problems. Since the inspection must be based only on visible evidence, the inspector must have the experience and training to interpret the information available. Interpretation of visible evidence is often the only way to identify hidden problems. Further, in practically all states, a registered Professional Engineer is the only one who can legally comment on the structural integrity of a building.


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